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Fany Brotcorne





Fany Brotcorne, PhD student FNRS

Behavioural Biology Unit, Primatology Research Group (PRG)
Behavioural Biology Unit : Ethology and animal Psychology


University of Liège, Institut de Zoologie,
Quai van Beneden, 22
4020 Liège
- Belgium

Tél : (+32) (0)4 366 50 77
Fax : (+32) (0)4 366 51 13


Research description

My research project investigates the commensalism issue between human and nonhuman primates, relating to a growing phenomenon where some species, as long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis), adapt to anthropogenic environments. Firstly conducted in Thailand and then in Bali (Indonesia), this research aims to compare macaque populations living in various degrees of human proximity. Through this comparative approach, we intend to assess impact of commensalism on eco-behavioural aspects such as activity budget, diet composition, ranging behaviour and population dynamics. We plan also to perform a population viability analysis in order to assess future trends and potential management and conservation needs of these populations.


Commensalism – Behavioural Ecology – Human-primate interactions - Macaca fascicularis



current PhD in Sciences – Biology of Organisms and Ecology - University of Liege (Belgium)

2006 – 2008  

Complementary Master in Biology of Organisms and Ecology -  University of Liege (Belgium)

2003 – 2006   Master in Neuropsychology – University of Brussels (Belgium)
2001– 2003  Bachelor in Psychology - University of Brussels (Belgium)



Belgian National Institute of Natural Sciences (IRScNB) – Conservation Biology Section (R. Beudels-Jamar, PhD)

Udayana University – Bali (Indonesia) – Primate Research Center (I. Nengah Wandia, PhD)

Notre Dame University – Department of Anthropology - Indiana (USA) (Agustin Fuentes, PhD)


Brotcorne F., Huynen MC., Savini T. (2008). "Preliminary results on the behavioural-ecology of a long-tailed macaque (M. fascicularis) population in disturbed urban habitat, Bangkok (Thailand)". Folia Primatologica, 79(5), 315



Docquier Foundation (ULg)


Alice Segers Foundation (ULg)

2009 Fondation Belge de la Vocation
2009-2011 FNRS - Aspirant




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2 February 2004

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